7 production plants - Brasil and Argentina

On June 20, 1945, Indústria de Calçados Paquetá opened its doors for the first time.
It started off producing five pairs of shoes a day, and now produces approximately 55,000 pairs of women’s, children’s and sports footwear every day.

The manufacturing units are currently divided as follows: women’s exports, women’s domestic market, and sports. The corporation has seven industrial facilities that are located in the Brazilian states of Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará and Bahia, in the city of Chivilcoy, Argentina.


7 production units:
5 in Brasil, 1 in Argentina,
1 in the Dominican Republic

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Women's Exports

Since the 1970's
Paquetá Shoes has specialized
in manufacturing shoes
for export.

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We produce more than
5 million pairs of shoes
a year for different brands.

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